Band practice like
Section leader: that's a nice curve
Section: thanks
Section leader: but it's supposed to be a LINE
aural skills professor: sight-singing as a class is like the x-files, guys. trust no-one.
guy to my left: the pitch is out there
me: i want to believe


*tries to finish college essay* *starts learning sigfried horn call instead*

Yesterday we had a football game and I got like 10 band members to line up so I could take a video of them doing the “band-flash” (is that something other bands do? lift up a the flap on their uniforms [if they have them] and yell “band flash!”) but yeah it was pretty funny. One of the trumpets was standing to the side out of frame but when I started the video he jumped in front and yelled while he band-flashed.

so yesterday we met with the other band after halftime and naturally I went to meet some other flutes. After talking to one of the flutes, she noticed my piccolo and just had to introduce me to the sousaphones, who immediately said something along the lines of “Look, a rare member of the endangered piccolo species”

there are nonprodigal children who are going to outpace outplay and outlive those of yall who hold fast to your First Chair Status, who think “bad” musicians are worthless, and who refuse to realize that music is for something greater than all of us

ask for help if youre unsure. the “point” of music school isnt being statically adherent to a sense of self-authenticity that views assistance as cheating. that this - this version of you now - is who you are, how skilled a musician you are, how clever you are is a flawed perspective that will only hold you back. music isnt about that. no sense of learning is about that.

you have to ask and listen in order to grow. changing who you are and what your music sounds like is a constant process that causes growth in people regardless of “better” or “worse” playing.

ask every question. if you like what someone is doing, ask them why and how they do it. the most valuable resources we have on this earth are each other.

*thinks about music* *cries*

Before you leave the band room for the last time, stop and take a look around for just one moment. These four walls have seen you at your worst and at your best, they had watched families created and families fall apart, they have seen love between two people and one sided crushes, they have seen your most joyous days and maybe melancholy ones, they have seen the person you were when you walked in for the first time and now have seen the person you are for the last time. And when you turn back around and walk through the halls for the never last time, know that those walls are silently weeping and maybe you are too because you both have realized that in order to go somewhere in life, you must leave home.
The Silent Saxophone Player  (via hokkaiiido)