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remember guys! high school band politics arent real life!

Walking on sunshine really can't go wrong for the person looking for a fun song to play for senior night.


Ayo, so senior awards night is coming up at my school and the seniors usually put together a fun medley or song. In the past they've done a Blues Brothers medley, fun things like that. This year we're a relatively small group (3 clarinets 1 flute 1 tuba 3 alto sax 1 trombone 4 trumpets 4 percussion) but we can get help from other years. I'm just asking for some recommendations of fun, easy/intermediate up-tempo pieces to play? If anyone knows of anything please let me know! Thank you!

play creep




(they’re in intermission right now but!!!!)

they’re doing sibelius 2!!!

I really want to talk to my directors about maybe having a group for next year's WGI winds competition but how do I talk to them about it?

"i want to put together a group for the next wgi winds competition"

find a few key group members before asking them for their support. be ready to explain what wgi winds is,& how much competing would cost time&energy&money-wise

good luck!

To the anon whose director quite. We went through multiple director changes before I graduated and it's hard, and you do feel betrayed, but eventually there will be the director who stays and loves your band and you will see so much progress that year it will amaze you. I'm sorry about your other director, but sometimes it's for the best. Good luck.


our band director told us today that he's leaving at the end of the school year. he quit on us. it's been a really tough year and everyone has been struggling and he quit on us. he says its not personal but that's crap, we all know he hated it with us, especially this year cause our seniors are shit. idk i just feel really hurt and needed to tell someone.

im sorry dude but sometimes people gotta be selfish in order to be happy